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3 Ways to Create a Modern Look With Industrial Antique Furniture

Where do your design goals lie? Whether you love the unique look of antique furniture or want to make a personal statement, few things say high-impact design like contrast does.

Many people picture ornate frills when they think of the word "vintage," but industrial style furniture is extremely purpose-driven. Since it makes space more usable, it instantly gives its surroundings a contemporary, engaging feel that isn't too busy. Here's how to create the ideal modern juxtaposition with vintage industrial furniture.

1. Build on a Specific Antique Furniture Trend

Make sure your creative ideas don't clash. Use your industrial vintage furniture to create or reinforce an overarching theme.

Want a room to feel more steampunk? Look for vintage furniture pieces with prominent metallic features. Prefer a more rustic style? Stick to more organic, rough-hewn material surfaces, like wood and cloth. Choosing a distinctive visual language for each room might make it easier to create the neatness that characterizes today's most-welcoming interiors.

2. Get Inspired Online

Vintage industrial furniture is more fun when it serves unexpected purposes. If you're in a design rut, however, then it may be hard to imagine new ways to use old classics. Checking out what other people have done is never a bad strategy.

Sure, you want to be original. Learning from the masters, however, may just get your creative juices flowing. At the very least, it can help you explore what you like and dislike.

3. When All Else Fails, Stick to Visual Essentials

Look beyond your favorite armoire's neoclassical French stylings or your mirror's reclaimed wood frame. There's a lot to be said for taking it back to the basics.

When designing, always start with simplistic terms, such as color, size and shape. Make sure that the furniture fits before setting your heart on a given option. Above all else, you should be certain that things match up visually with the rest of the room.

Antique furniture has an undeniably distinct visual aesthetic. Want to find pieces that let you create comfortable modern designs? Explore McLaren’s vast collection of antique and reclaimed industrial style furniture and accessories.