reclaimed wood antiques

Aside from the aroma of roasting turkey, nothing is more inviting at Thanksgiving than a beautifully decorated table spread. The simplicity of reclaimed wood furniture makes it equally lovely dressed up or dressed down. Each table seems to tell a story, so consider putting away the fine linen tablecloth and allowing the gleaming wood to speak for itself.

Here are some ideas for bringing out the natural beauty of three English pine tables with distinctly different bases.

vintage antique furniture

Whether you are thinking about completely redecorating your home or just want to update your current style, vintage furniture can be a great addition. Vintage pieces add style and character to your home, while maintaining a cozy atmosphere. Industrial and vintage styles are at the forefront of home decorating trends right now, but the look is both classy and iconic and will serve your home well for years to come.

McLaren’s Antiques and Interiors has a wide selection of vintage pieces that would look great in any home. Keep reading for three vintage furniture pieces we can provide to accent your home’s decor and give a personal touch.