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Finding The Diamonds In The Rough

Creating a piece of historic art isn't as easy as one might think. Finding the antique is a journey in itself. Many of the most sought-after pieces are so coveted because of the rarity of the find. Since most architecture is destroyed when a building is demolished, and many authentic antiques just get buried away in some farmhouse or estate somewhere, locating these gems can prove very difficult. That's only the beginning for the potential masterpiece that will grace the showroom. Once it is located, it begins its journey to Round Top Texas where we clean and plan it into a creatively designed vignette in our store. You can view these pieces in person by visiting McLaren's, the antique store in Round Top Tx.

Our Upcoming Fall 2018 Show

We are proudly hosting our Fall antique show this year and presenting pieces that boast elegance and style. Once you find the piece you love, you will find the rest of the design in your home or office will focus around that piece. French furniture that...

McLaren's Antiques & Interiors - Reclaimed Kitchen Table

From Oct. 1 to Oct. 6, you have the opportunity to experience Fall Antique Week in Round Top, Texas. Although McLaren’s Antiques and Interiors and other venues will also be open earlier, Fall Antique Week is a culmination of what the area has to offer in unique and valuable items.

The Round Top Antique Show is one of the best in the U.S. and also draws people from other countries. Imagine heading to a charming town in Texas to spend a week combing through a wide selection of vintage furniture, jewelry, clothing, paintings, and other treasures.

Fall Antique Week is your chance to view and acquire unique pieces of vintage furniture and accessories for your home, including farmhouse tables, industrial furniture and lighting, and antique furnishings from around the globe. You can’t fully anticipate what you’ll come across during this exciting event.

What can you expect during your visit to Round Top?

When it comes to antique shows in Texas, one of the reasons Round Top is so popular is the variety of its venues.

Fall Antique Week is...

McLaren's Antiques & Interiors - Vintage Rustic Antique Doors

Antique reclaimed doors are the methodology in home decor today. Homeowners can add this unique architectural feature to their construction plans or in a home renovation project. Antique doors give a home charm and character. Builder grade doors are great. However, they can't give a home the warm appeal that antique architectural doors can. Incorporating antique doors interior and exterior entryways will make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time.

How to incorporate vintage doors into your decor style

You want seamless integration when placing an older door in a newer home. Attention needs to be paid to certain aspects when selecting your antique replacement door(s). Not only in style and period but, expanse, mass, components, installation, and orientation. When all these factors fall into place correctly, the door will look like it's been there from the inception of the home. The material used in the construction of antique architectural doors are of far better quality. Old doors are more structurally sound.


McLaren's Antiques & Interiors - Antique and Vintage Furniture Round Top, TX

Where do your design goals lie? Whether you love the unique look of antique furniture or want to make a personal statement, few things say high-impact design like contrast does.

Many people picture ornate frills when they think of the word "vintage," but industrial style furniture is extremely purpose-driven. Since it makes space more usable, it instantly gives its surroundings a contemporary, engaging feel that isn't too busy. Here's how to create the ideal modern juxtaposition with vintage industrial furniture.

1. Build on a Specific Antique Furniture Trend

Make sure your creative ideas don't clash. Use your industrial vintage furniture to create or reinforce an overarching theme.

Want a room to feel more steampunk? Look for vintage furniture pieces with prominent metallic features. Prefer a more rustic style? Stick to more organic, rough-hewn material surfaces, like wood and cloth. Choosing a distinctive visual language for each room might make it easier to create the neatness that characterizes today's most-welcoming...

McLaren's Antiques & Interiors - Summer Antique Farmhouse Table Round Top

An antique reclaimed-wood table provides a beautiful natural backdrop for your summer table decorations. The lively colors and textures of summer add joy to your table that will spread throughout your entire home.

The Beauty of Flowers

Fresh flowers are a key element of summer decorating. They bring life and color to your dining room and are particularly striking when placed on reclaimed wood furniture. The combination of weathered wood and fresh flowers brings the outside inside. It recreates the relaxed feeling you get when you take a stroll through the woods on a balmy summer day. Pink, white, yellow, purple, and blue flowers are especially lovely for a summer theme.

Choose containers for your flowers that have a country charm. An old tin watering can, a Mason jar, a white ceramic pitcher, an antique lantern holder, and a cute basket are a few options for flower containers that make charming centerpieces. Look around your home for items that can be repurposed as vases, and keep an eye out for unexpected containers at places that sell...

McLaren's Antiques & Interiors - English Lunch, Tea and Dinner at Round Top Antiques Fair

At McLaren’s Antiques and Interiors, visitors can browse unique home decor and accessories from international destinations like England, Spain, France, and India. Now, during the Round Top Antiques Fair’s Spring Antique Week, visitors can also experience English-inspired dining experiences without leaving Round Top. Guests can partake in our lunch, high tea, and dinner events through April 8.

In the early afternoons, we’re hosting the London Bus Cafe, where English fare is served in an authentic double decker bus from London. Thanks to the help of A La Carte Events and Catering, visitors are able to enjoy lunch at the London Bus Cafe from 12 to 3 p.m.

Following lunch, guests can partake in a Traditional English High Tea. A High Tea, an English tradition dating back to the 18th Century, is a small, late-afternoon meal that bridges the gap between lunch and dinner. It is named “high tea” because it was generally consumed at a table, as opposed to afternoon tea which was best enjoyed on a sofa or lounge chair. Our High Tea...

reclaimed wood antiques

Aside from the aroma of roasting turkey, nothing is more inviting at Thanksgiving than a beautifully decorated table spread. The simplicity of reclaimed wood furniture makes it equally lovely dressed up or dressed down. Each table seems to tell a story, so consider putting away the fine linen tablecloth and allowing the gleaming wood to speak for itself.

Here are some ideas for bringing out the natural beauty of three English pine tables with distinctly different bases.

McLaren's Antiques & Interiors - Vintage Edison Bulb Fan

Whether you are thinking about completely redecorating your home or just want to update your current style, vintage furniture can be a great addition. Vintage pieces add style and character to your home, while maintaining a cozy atmosphere. Industrial and vintage styles are at the forefront of home decorating trends right now, but the look is both classy and iconic and will serve your home well for years to come.

McLaren’s Antiques and Interiors has a wide selection of vintage pieces that would look great in any home. Keep reading for three vintage furniture pieces we can provide to accent your home’s decor and give a personal touch.