3 Ways To Decorate A Farmhouse Table for Thanksgiving

Aside from the aroma of roasting turkey, nothing is more inviting at Thanksgiving than a beautifully decorated table spread. The simplicity of reclaimed wood furniture makes it equally lovely dressed up or dressed down. Each table seems to tell a story, so consider putting away the fine linen tablecloth and allowing the gleaming wood to speak for itself.

Here are some ideas for bringing out the natural beauty of three English pine tables with distinctly different bases.

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Metal Frame Table

Three wide planks form the top of each table, but the stark black metal frame on this one invites a touch of drama. What’s more attention-grabbing than black and white? Picture this table dressed in varying shades of white. The boxy frame could be offset to gorgeous effect with a delicate white runner, a profusion of white blossoms and soft white candles. The lacier the napkins, the better. Against the industrial-looking base, the contrast will be striking and not at all what your guests expect. Introduce the sparsest touch of greenery or pewter for balance.

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X Frame Table

Two thick whitewashed X frames support this classic farmhouse table. Its rustic picnic design is timeless. Imagine a farmer coming in from the fields for lunch. He may have brought a fat gourd, thick sheaf of wheat or basket of pears that he was especially proud of. He may have picked fall blooms along the way and put them in a Mason jar for the table. You can achieve the same homespun warmth with similar items. There’s no crime in incorporating nature — interesting twigs, colorful foliage, fruits or fresh herbs like rosemary — into your tablescape. Add a touch of whimsy by contrasting your best china with starched vintage tea towels used as napkins. Place a couple of cinnamon sticks on each, and secure it with raffia or pieces of thin twine. Use clear glass stemware and votive holders to leave the wood exposed. If the climate allows, this would be a nice look to enjoy outdoors.

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Union Table

The Union table has whitewashed reinforcements, vertical and horizontal, added to the basic X frame. Here’s a farmhouse table that suggests tradition and stability. It’s easy to imagine that it has been passed down through the generations and that adult siblings have fought over it. It implies a rich, colorful history. The fortunate owner of this reclaimed wood furniture could celebrate with color. Mix and match pieces of china in complementary colors, especially two or three patterns that are heirlooms, to set a homey, familiar mood. Make use of interesting cream pitchers, butter dishes or tureens. Incorporate family photographs or handwritten letters. For a more formal look, choose one dominant color such as burgundy. Balance the sturdy base of the table with several tall, slender candlesticks or a tall arrangement of natural red huckleberry. The height will add elegance even if you choose to go casual.

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No matter what your taste in decorating, farmhouse tables just seem to make the food taste better. Shop our collection of tables and reclaimed wood furniture to accent your home for the holidays!