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Antique and Vintage Doors Bring Instant Charm To Your Home

Antique reclaimed doors are the methodology in home decor today. Homeowners can add this unique architectural feature to their construction plans or in a home renovation project. Antique doors give a home charm and character. Builder grade doors are great. However, they can't give a home the warm appeal that antique architectural doors can. Incorporating antique doors interior and exterior entryways will make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time.

How to incorporate vintage doors into your decor style

You want seamless integration when placing an older door in a newer home. Attention needs to be paid to certain aspects when selecting your antique replacement door(s). Not only in style and period but, expanse, mass, components, installation, and orientation. When all these factors fall into place correctly, the door will look like it's been there from the inception of the home. The material used in the construction of antique architectural doors are of far better quality. Old doors are more structurally sound.

The designs and styles of doors are plentiful. Each style door has a specific use, although when using antique replacement doors you can use your imagination when it comes to placement. Some will put a door where there was none or place a different style door than the one currently in its place. The most conventional doors are the single leaf and the two-leaf doors.

What antique door styles to look for

Procuring era-specific additions to your home can be fun with all the looks you can achieve. Another great aspect of using antique and vintage interior doors or exterior doors is matching the era in accessories and decor.

The variety of architecture eras are vast. Retailers and antique dealers often come across vintage doors from notable architecture periods such as Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Victorian, and the Georgian era. You can find these vintage styles that function like a modern door, but you may also come upon some more dramatic examples such as French doors, saloon doors, or louvered doors that resemble shutters.

Use antique doors in your next home renovation

The combination of a bygone era and style in an older door can bring an appeal to your home that's unique. At McLaren’s Antiques and Interiors, we travel all around the world to discover the most unique and striking doors to create your individual statement in your home. Found in the most stunning French Chateaux and Indian palaces, these architectural pieces will enhance any home with its history and character.

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