McLaren's Antiques & Interiors - Summer Antique Farmhouse Table Round Top

Summer Farmhouse Table Decorating Ideas

An antique reclaimed-wood table provides a beautiful natural backdrop for your summer table decorations. The lively colors and textures of summer add joy to your table that will spread throughout your entire home.

The Beauty of Flowers

Fresh flowers are a key element of summer decorating. They bring life and color to your dining room and are particularly striking when placed on reclaimed wood furniture. The combination of weathered wood and fresh flowers brings the outside inside. It recreates the relaxed feeling you get when you take a stroll through the woods on a balmy summer day. Pink, white, yellow, purple, and blue flowers are especially lovely for a summer theme.

Choose containers for your flowers that have a country charm. An old tin watering can, a Mason jar, a white ceramic pitcher, an antique lantern holder, and a cute basket are a few options for flower containers that make charming centerpieces. Look around your home for items that can be repurposed as vases, and keep an eye out for unexpected containers at places that sell antiques.

Fresh Place Settings

Continue the country theme with your place settings. Place mats in neutral colors look especially beautiful when placed on the natural weathered wood in repurposed furniture. Round woven natural rattan placemats are a classic for the summer table. If you have bright fresh flowers on the table, the neutral color of rattan placemats makes the color in the flowers pop.

White ceramic plates also provide a lovely contrast for the flowers. White plates bring a fresh, simple feeling to your table and evoke the carefree feelings of a summer day. White also pairs well with blue. Place settings that combine white and aqua bring the freshness of the seaside to your dining room. Navy blue combined with white is another classic combination. Consider striped navy-blue-and-white napkins on white plates.

Accents for Your Table

In addition to fresh flowers and summery place settings, the accents you add to your table will enhance the country theme while showcasing your decorating skills.

● Potted green plants are stunning on reclaimed wood furniture. The combination of old wood, fresh flowers, and living greenery brings to mind a perfect day walking on a forest path. Showcase the greenery in repurposed metal containers, wooden boxes, weathered flower pots, or baskets.

● Lemons add a touch of vibrant yellow to your table that contrasts well with neutral place settings. Play up the contrast even more by displaying the lemons in a pure white ceramic bowl.

● Use a runner to add color and texture to the table without covering up all of the table's beautiful old wood. Runners can be color-coordinated to match napkins or other elements of the place setting. Blue-and-white stripes are a classic option.

A beautifully decorated farmhouse table is one of the delights of summer, so put on your creative thinking cap and see how easy it is to make your table truly special. McLaren’s Antiques and Interiors has a unique variety of English reclaimed pine farmhouse tables for you to bring worldly charm to your home. Browse our hand-picked selection of reclaimed and antique furniture from around the world.